How to activate my Fazaa prepaid card?

- Simply call our automated system at 042935814, and follow the IVR instructions, for more details visit

How many currencies does Fazaa Prepaid card support?

- Currently the card supports UAE Dirhams (AED), US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR) and Pounds (GBP). We are constantly updating our services visit for updated list.

How to add funds to Fazaa prepaid card?

Bank account Transfer, register your 16 digit Fazaa prepaid card number as a beneficiary with your existing UAE Bank account, and use the “Funds Transfer” option to load funds in UAE Dirhams.
Retail Partner, use our extended retail partner network across the UAE to complete cash value loads on your Fazaa prepaid card. A full list of retail partners can be viewed at

Can I pay or withdraw money using my card?

Yes, you can use your card to pay and withdraw cash from millions of merchants and ATMs around the world. Platinum members can also make contactless payments using VISA payWave, by simply waving their card when prompted near a secure contactless reader.
For detailed loading instructions, please visit

What if the currency is not supported?

If you are using a currency that is not supported by the card, you can still use your card to make the purchase or withdraw cash from ATMs in that currency. Money will be drawn from your UAE Dirhams wallet at the applicable conversion rate and a currency conversion fee will apply.

Can I upgrade from silver or gold?

- Yes, you can upgrade your subscription by submitting the upgrade application form to us and a customer relation agent will contact you.
For more information and details, please contact our customer service number 6005230003 or visit our website or through social media #FazaaMOI